Hibridos telefonicos y sistemas VQR | DH400 Digital con VQR | Especificaciones técnicas

Especificaciones Técnicas
Technical Specifications

DH400 Digital Hybrid

Features & Technology

Digital Hybrid with DSP echo cancellation , auto-adjusted levels of transmission and returns by audio limiters and AGC.
Acoustic echo cancellation.
Auto answering system
Speakerphone hands free for conference rooms
and radio auditorium
PC Remote control system. It works over a LAN network
Recording mode with auto-answering and
separate outputs for 4 lines
VQR system for restoration of original voice quality

Phone lines

4 phone lines in conference,
with cross gain between them.
Cell phones: One phone line can accept a cell phone

Control by AGC

Output console with a constant level independent of the telephone line, by audio limiter and Digital AGC.
20 dB variation on the phone line produce less than 1.5 dB at the output to console

Input level

Audio send to remote caller has audio limiter and band pass filtering to operate with input signals
between –5 dBu and +8 dBu

Echo Cancelation

Typical 45 – 60 dB of echo cancelation,
using four DSP devices.

DSP Parameters

DSP echo cancelation parameters are factory loaded for quick use of DH400. But all parameters can be modified by the user, using LCD display

Sending level to phone line

-0 dBm +/- 1 dB, measured with 2 km artificial line

Send Filters

Band-Pass filters in send channel, limits response to
400 – 2.200 Hz for canceling on-air sound coloration.

Output Level

+4 dBu balanced.
Measured Over 600 ohms or high-Z
Studio Speaker: 0 dBm
Cue Output/Speakerphone: -10 dBm

Frequency Response

200 – 3750 Hz +/- 3 dB without VQR
Using VQR it restores audio spectrum
between 50 – 12,000 Hz


Auto-adjustable from 0 to 25 dB, depending on line level

Harmonic Distortion

Less than 0.1% @ 1 kHz, at balanced output


S / N over 60 dBA, measured with artificial line 2 km
More than 75 dBA using VQR

Hybrid Rejection

Over 60 dB. Measured with artificial line 2 km

Line Isolation

balanced and floating line inputs with the processor. Isolation 250 V AC

Overload Safety

2 KVolt protection against lightning discharge using SIOV technology


220 / 115 V, 50/60 Hz with a switch.
Consumption: less than 20 VA


Rack mount 19”, One module high (44,4 mm)