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Installation and technical features

Models XD, XX and XZ



The audio console model 2600 can be mounted at any table without having to cut due it is very flat because it was built with high-tech components that allow the use of epoxy printed circuits parallel to the panel

The conductive ceramic attenuators 20 years of life have also very small depth

Even the turret has low silhouette despite having full measurement instrumentation. It includes VU meters of high precision with RMS and Peak, Timer and Phase Stereo Vector hugely important in FM stereo broadcasts.



The console is connectorized
using D25 units with
gold plating contacts and locking screws

The minijacks are used for the "start devices" outputs
It closes circuit when the attenuator is opened



Various optional accessories allow you to install a complete study in one hour


It is impossible to delete the printed leyends of the 2600
All modules and blanking panels are coated of
polycarbonate plastic with backside printed legends. .

The 2600 will always look new, after years of use, as its steel panels coated polycarbonate never will wear


All 2600 consoles comes with a switching power supply 90 -240 V 50/60 Hz manufactured with CE certification and UL, TUV, IEC, CB
These reliable sources also will stabilize the line
voltage eliminating the need for external stabilizers


The phone lines are protected against overloads up to
2KV using Siemens SIOV devices. The protection unit is a modular system that avoids the overload propagation towards the console circuits. It may be changed without a technician.



Those who need to have the best technology today
can begin with the 2600 model XD

They will get benefits that no other console in the world offers



Its low profile gives a special elegance

Its turret has the most complete
instrumentation of the market

All included inside the console,
without using an external PC


An LCD display with Timer, Clock and VU meter is complemented by a precision VU meter with RMS & Peak measurement , at PGM bus . Two Stereo Phase Vectors and one bar-graph VU meter.





The models 2600XD/VI include also the Virtual2600 option

An invention of Solidyne to create new studies
on your radio or TV station without adding further investment


An internal mini computer can be added to all 2600 models (option code / VI) that connects to the LAN and acts as a Web page server. In this way the console can be controlled remotely from other studies using networked PCs to the station or by WiFi Tablets or SmartPhone

The Virtual PC 2600 allows studies see the position of the controls and they can operate them using mouse or touch screen. It is possible to attribute to each user a group of controls and avoid the use of other controls
Since the connection is done in HTML do not need special software to PC. Moreover no matter the operating system; it can work with Android or MAC and operate the console from the Tablet PC or even from smartphones

The zoom facility available at the tablet software
allows expand the section of the
console you want to operate



You can open new studies without purchasing more consoles
The 2600 XD lets you trim down your costs



Share all the audio of your radio or TV station
Share your announcers studio
Share Newsroom, Commercials and Sports


Sharing resources lowers the investment and operating costs

Your radio or TV station can record commercials and promos without moving the announcers from the main study

Recording of telephone interviews can be done in a small booth using VQR to improve the audio quality. You can use the recording later or on real time from the booth

Reports can be recorded from the Newsroom, or can go to-air in real time, in conference with the program host. All without leaving the newsroom.

The Disc Jokey can have your own studio and go on air while operates the console. Or even from his home it can manage his music program

A journalist can log in remotely from a smart phone and from there can operate one attenuator of the console. Nothing is impossible for the 2600



Connect with transmission plant at low cost
using the best DIGITAL STL link ...
without buying the STL link!

The consoles option / AoIP have digital audio output via Ethernet at 48 kHz sampling. So can connect to the transmission plant using a low cost internet link at the 5.8 GHz free band. With delay inaudible.

Can also be programmed the console to send the AoIP output in MP3 coding in order to use Internet for linking with transmitter plant and with other radio stations

If using at transmitter plant one digital processor with RDS option and AoIP input, you do not need a digital STL link. Please note that audio quality is 100% digital because between the console and the MPX output, there is not any AD or DA converter.

We can control all audio processor settings using a PC located at studies. The RDS information from the automation software is sent at the same time to the transmitter plant to manage the on air RDS messages.

The console informs to the processor (trough GPIO data channel) when the microphones are On-Air in order to change the processing program towards mode "human voice" This feature, that only Solidyne gives you, improves the warmth and sound quality of the voices of your announcers.
A key advantage over your on-air competition!





If you need more than 16 channels, the 2600XZ & 2600XX
models are your best option



The 2600XX mainframe has the same turret model of the 2600XD but the capacity is up to 26 channels

The 2600XZ model (1,40 meters wide) includes 3 x LCD video 19" monitors and 28 audio channels
providing a very comfortable working environment to the operator without the need of external video monitors
. This "all in one" stand-alone solution, with phone hybrids and digital communications included
(Skype, Google, VoxIP), is the Solidyne proposal for the best digital radio studio available today.