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2600 Smart Console
High tech mixers

On-Air studio consoles
Standard layout or AoIP control surface


2600 digital mixing consoles are a new concept for radio and TV studios. It can be installed in conventional analog or digital studios using the existing wiring. Then evolve towards Audio over IP systems (AoIP) based on control surfaces. 

This will fully use your existing investment in equipment already installed. 

But later, by simply adding modules, can go climbing investment toward a studio

Only Solidyne can offer you this flexible technology that allows increasing investment in your station only when required.


The new 2600 line of smart consoles will replace your existing technologies because it has:

New look with low-profile cabinet 
Illuminated pushbottons, CPU controlled
Electronic Routing audio without mechanical contacts 
User programmable from the front panel 
Feather touch Ceramic faders with 20-year life  
Timer-Clock and Stereo Phase Vector are now standard 
Digital VU meters 24/32 steps, dual RMS & Peak
Send BUS with Mix-Minus for Skype / IP Vox 
CUE programmable multimode 
Switching power supply multi-voltage, stabilized 
AoIP option for STL link through Internet
Virtual2600 option, for remote control of console



Photo 2600XL/27/4M/2US/VQ: 4 MIC con EQ-6 LIN analog-2 LIN Digital USB- 3 Hybrids with VQR

Please click here to get a high definition image (3.000 px)


The 2600 consoles have a complete turret with 4 Dual VU meters, Timer, Clock
and Phase Vector to know the degree of deepness of stereo sound. 
Unlike other control surfaces of the market, the 2600
does not need an external PC to measure signal levels.
The line 2600, despite its low silhouette, always
includes a complete measurement turret. 
You never will have to interrupt transmission by a fault at the external
PC  that other manufacturers obliges you to use.

The VU meters have 3 internal micro-computers to get
accurate measuring the audio signal , in steps of 1 dB, . 
The VUmeters are DUAL type: RMS (proportional to the
sensation of sound loudness) and true PEAK value, that is critical in
the digital audio control.
Even a slight overload, switch on during 5 sec the red indication

It has 24 step in XL models or 32 steps in XD & XX models.


The Smart Console 2600 is programmable in seconds
by the operator. Each channel is adjusted to the
user needs without opening
the console to move the jumpers


The 2600 consoles are programmable 
from the front panel in just seconds

Can be programmed, for example:

Microphone 48 V phantom
Control speaker MIC Mute
CUE solo  mode (turns off with other CUE)
CUE is disconnected by opening attenuator 
MIC is controlled from master mic
Talkback with AutoSwitch mode (listening answers) 
Return to AIR after a power outage



The CUE buttons accept different working modes programmable by the operator.
 It can be connected also the monitoring of audio files from one external PC .

You can program which microphone channel
will be On Air when pressing  Master MIC button



The 2600 has five monitor channels

2 channel stereo for active speakers for Studio and Control. With muting and talkback logic

2-channel stereo headphone for Studio & Control

1 CUE bus  

Telephone call over CUE speaker 

CUE on console or external control speakers

Telephone lines on HOLD monitored on CUE bus





The Solidyne faders lasts a full life


The Solidyne extra-smooth  faders have two slide bars on steel-silver

The new 2600 line of  conductive ceramic faders can be moved with a tiny feather.  As seen in the video 2600 
This exclusive Solidyne fader has 20 years life. It has a very different construction than the conventional attenuators ,
because it slides on two steel cylindrical bars with Teflon bushings.
The attenuator generates a DC voltage that controls to the module's internal computer. 
The audio signal of the 2600 console never goes into the fader neither to a switch metal contact because it has electronic routing 

Click here to see a video of the new
conductive ceramic technology

The wide range of modules available for 2600 is unique in the market

The 2600 consoles are 100% modular 
The modules can be changed 
(still with the console On Air). 
Solidyne has a wide variety 
of modules that allow 
assemble the exact model that  
your radio or TV needed. 

And improve your 2600 console in the future 
to follow the growth 
of your studios and the continuous 
technological innovations


Microphone audio quality is the heart of your radio


MIC Processors
2612 module

The specially designed equalizer has four band for the human voice 

The GATE system mutes the background noise of the studio giving a digital dynamic range at the announcer voices 

The Audio Compressor maintains balanced voice level from different speakers and respondents 

Panoramic Potentiometer 


New preamps with the innovative input of discrete components , 
have the lowest input noise that you can find. And a distortion below
the perception limit of the human ear.
But besides, 2600 is the only console on the market that gives you the
ability to have microphones with individual audio processors.
No matter with whom we compare: no one offers this facility. 
The voices of your radio are the personal stamp that will charm your audience. 

The 2612 module has a 4-band EQ, very simple to use and instant access. For each parameter has its control at your hands, without complicated menus and screens that confuse the operator
The upper bands allow to give a special glow to the voice
of their announcers.
 If your needs are not as quality demanding , you can use the 2610 modules that only have EQ at 80 Hz and 10 kHz


The 2600 consoles with USB digital inputs and outputs are the  
perfect solution for connecting to PCs



This is a technology pioneered by Solidyne.
It keeps digital quality of recordings in MP3 and WAV avoiding the use of AD & DA converters that loses audio quality.
Each 2602 module can handle up to 8 digital channels, completely eliminating hum and noise connection. 
It also eliminates the expensive audio professional cards. It allows using Mini PC that saves valuable space but do not accept audio cards.


USB control electronics is integrated into the 
module 2602, including mini-VU, to provide the output level indication
. The USB technology gives your console the same digital audio quality of the original audio file.


2600 gives you an exceptional handling of telephone calls, cellphones, Skype and Vox IP  
Only the 2600 allows you to communicate with the 
world without leaving the console panel !

The entire 2600 line features standard three telephone hybrids; two land lines and one cellphone, working in conference. 
The VCA fader controls the air level and switching logic. 
An error-free system
Phone call rings at the console speaker with flashing blue light .
It can be attended from the console panel
The console also allows the use of telephone sets to manage the communications from the Production people or by the operators

The fader monocommand can select:

CUE for hands free talking with the caller 
HOLD to keep the caller on hold with on-air return 
AIR to send the call to air 



The telephone communications of your radio
will have a high quality that other consoles never
have achieved

Solidyne offers his invention: the VQR
(Voice Quality Restoration). Using the optional modules
2630 will be possible to have a restoration of the
bass and treble frequencies that the phone communications lost

In real time without any delay
This remarkable technology will completely change
the sound of your telephone interviews

Click here to learn more about the VQR and listen audio demos


But if your work is really very complex and you need a lot of
external communications with many lines at a time ... 

... the 2600 is also the best solution!



Because the 2602 input modules allow remotely managing the DH400 digital hybrid with DSP echo cancellation

Each channel generates its own Mix-Minus output. In this way we will have so many Mix-Minus channels as lines we have. 
In 2600 there are no limits! 

Communications are handled
entirely from the console:

The inbound call flashes the AIR button. It can be taken by pressing the button and cut when pressed again

The call can also be attended automatically by the DH400 with pre-recorded greeting message

The calls can be generated or take from Production with telephones sets and can be transfered it to the console using the phone flash button

By pressing CUE, we can speak privately with each line

If the operator maintains CUE taken one or more lines can be listened on hold (eg to wait a news)

With closed attenuator the call is on HOLD and has air return

When the operator raises the attenuator, the call is sent to the air

When two or more faders are raised the lines will be in conference. The rejection of digital hybrid is continuously adjusted. This allows doing conference between phones, cellphones, Skype, remote stadiums, etc

The 2602 modules handle absolutely all your communications!

It Is also possible to use the new Minus Mix through SND bus. It allows 2601 modules to manage PC communications

Click here to see the communications connection diagrams 




The Virtual 2600 micro-computer is a feature never 
seen in other consoles.


The Virtual 2600 technology can be added to all 2600 models.
The internal computer (option code /VI) can be connected to the LAN and acts as a Web page server. 
In this way the console can be controlled remotely from other studies using networked PCs to the station or by WiFi Tablets or SmartPhone. This allows to create remote studies using the main console or operate the radio by a DJ from his home.
Nobody have offered you these benefits before! 
Watch our 2600 video to learn more