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Technical Specifications

2600XL, XD, XX, XZ

Hybrid Block Diagram connection
Models and Identification Code

Audio Inputs, Analog & Digital

2 (two) stereo line inputs A & B  each channel 2601
One mono Mic each channel in 2610 & 2612)
One digital USB input each channel in 2602   and one balanced line (A-B)

Inputs/Outputs Level & Impedance

Balanced MIC= -25 dBu/-80 dBu; 150/250 Ohms
Balanced LINE = -20 dBu/+22 dBu; 600~ 10Kohms
Unbalanced AUX = -20 dBu/+15dBu; 600~ 10Kohms

Balanced Outs; Max Level +26dBu (10K), +20dBm (600ohms)
Unbalanced Outs; Max Level = +20dBm/600 ohms

Phantom Power
MIC inputs have standard 48 V phantom power supply for up to 10 microphones. 48V out is programmed by the user from the front panel


3 stereo bus analog outputs;
PGM & AUD balanced + 4 dBu;
SEND Unbalanced + 4 dBu
1 mono PGM Out  L+R unbalanced + 4 dBu

2 stereo digital AES-3 PGM & AUD, transformer isolated in option /DIG
2 stereo digital USB PGM & AUD for each 2602 module
1 stereo digital TCP/IP, PCM WAV or MP3 coded in option /AoIP
Additional AoIP in/outs on demand

Digital Level

AES-3, SPDIF, TCP/IP & USB inputs & outputs;
0 VU RMS is set at -15 dB Ref Full Digital Scale
0 dB Peak is set to 100% Full Digtal Scale

Tally Light

ON-AIR signal output (turns on when MIC is open)
12 V CC @ 0,4 amp
(5 x On-Air Tally)

Monitor & Hybrid Outputs

4 stereo monitor outputs for active speakers and headphones, including internal hedphones distribution Amp (up to 8 headphpnes) in announcer studio.
1 External Hybrid input + 4 dBu/10K
1 External Hybrid send output (MIX-Minus) +4 dBu / 10K
Each 2602 channel has one Mix-Minus out at 0 dBu output

CUE Monitor
3W mono CUE monitor with internal amplifier & speaker

Voice Quality Restoration

The optional 2630 module allows using VQR technology for all the telephone hybrid signals, included external hybrids. It means to restore the cuasi-original voice quality that is impaired during a telephone or cellular communication.


22 dB @ LIN to PGM Ref + 4dBu/10 k

Start external devices

One Start Devices output for each input module, to start external devices when open each channel fader. Out at minijack 1/8"   //  Ring = A channel (left side)  Tip= B channel (Rigth side) Open collector OFF = Open
Manages 0 - 24 V DC @ 100 mA
This allows to control Virtual Rack processors and start audio devices.

Frequency response

20-20.000 Hz +/- 0.25 dB (LIN or MIC to PGM)


MIC input, EIN=-132 dBu/150 ohms
LINE input, S/N > 95 dBA at PGM output

Dynamic Range

From Line to PGM > 110dBA (Better than CD quality)


PGM-AUD-SEND > 90 dBA @30-10.000 Hz
L-R & R-L > 80 dBA @ 1khz


From LINE to PGM out < 0.01 % THD @30-15.000 Hz.
From MIC to PGM out < 0.01 % THD @30-15.000 Hz


From Line to PGM, < 2º L&R @50-10.000 Hz

Stereo Tracking

Below 0.2 dB error L/R in fader range 0 to 40 dB



3 Hybrid inputs, 2 for phone lines and one for cellular phone at 4 wires
It includes a mini-PBX with Ringer, Line attention with free hands operation, and Line Transfer
Frequency Response: 250 - 4.000 hz
Noise: > 60 dBA S/N
Rejection: > 30 dB rejection measured with standard terrestrial lines
Rejection adjust: quick Test Mode to adjust the hybrid balance without disturbing On-air operation.
Preference atenuator: 10 dB local speaker interrupt priority; it can be disabled with internal jumper.
Automatic On-Air logic: Audio & Logic are managed from a single 100mm slide fader using VCA control, that performs all the operations in error-free mode (CUE= private hands free Talk; Hold with AIR return & Live On Air)

Telephone input lightning discharge safety
Telephone Hybrid inputs are transformer floating to meet the Public Telephone service isolation standards.
They are protected with SIOV Varistors against lightning discharges. And are factory tested to 2.000 volts capacitor discharge according to Siemens/Ramatel 44.04 standard. Protector is mounted in plug-in board
We recommend using additional protection with external gas discharge devices

Talkback Microphone

Included Talkback MIC, with Automatic Level Control. Noise Cancelled PZM type. Outputs to Phone Line Hybrid and Studio Speaker with AutoSwitch (AutoSwitchs allows one-touch two way Studio communication)

Studio BOX
RJ45 connector at rear side for optional Studio BOX that manages 5 headphones with individual levels, Timer & Clock, active studio loudspeaker level, Tally light and Talkback


2600XL:  4   digitally controlled VUmeters 24 step of 1 dB,
DUAL type (RMS & Peak) for PGM & AUD.
One Timer/Clock and one Stereo Phase Vector display

2600XD & 2600XX: 2 digitally controlled 32 steps dual VU + 4 bar graph VU + 2 Phase Vector + LCD display with Clock & Timer


40 W switching power supply 90 - 240 V  50/60 Hz / CE, UL, TUV Certified

Dimensions & Weight

2600XL: 840mm wide, 585mm deep,135mm high   Weight 15 Kg
BOX :  90 x 65 x 25 cm, 2 Kg

2600XD: 845mm wide, 635mm deep, 125 mm high, Weight  15 Kg
BOX: 90 x 70 x 20 cm, 2 Kg





Identification code


Solidyne 2600 consoles are like a Meccano or Lego; you can get the console your radio
really need. And the console grows up with your radio.

You can start with an 8 channel analog console and turning to a 12 or 16 channel
digital console with MIC processors in each channel

Example: 2600XL/27/6M/../... (see below)


2600XD: 8 to 16 channel mainframe, 2 digitally controlled 32 steps dual VU + 4 bar graph VU + 2 Phase Vector + LCD display with Clock & Timer

2600XL : 8 to 16 channel mainframe; 4 digitally controlled 24 steps dual VU + Clock & Timer +  Phase Vector

2600XX : 10 to 26 channel mainframe; 4 digitally controlled 24 steps dual VU + Clock & Timer + Phase  Vector

2600XZ :  10 to 26 channel mainframe; 4 bar graph peak VUmeters + Clock & Timer + two Phase Vector + two 19" wide LCD video monitors



Total number of MICs and Stereo line inputs (included 3 Hybrids) Each 2600 channel has 2 stereo inputs A & B
Example: 12 channels = 12 x 2 inputs + 3 Hibrids = 27


Total number of MIC inputs using 2610 module

Must be an even number



Number of MIC Processors in consoles equiped with 2612 modules
. Must be 3, 6, 9, or 12


Virtual 2600 option (internal Ethernet computer for remote console control from PC, tablet or smartphones


AoIP option (audio streaming using Ethernet LAN)


It indicates the number of digital AES-3 / SPDIF inputs


It indicates two digital stereo AES ouputs  (PGM &  AUD)


Option Script Desk
Indicates a central desk

(European style)

Module 2630 VQR telephone voice quality restoration
Number of channels with Module 2602, Example: one 2602 = /2US