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MX 2400


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MX 2400 Facilities

The MX2400 is comprised of 4 different
equipments into a single cabinet

1-The audio processor section is used for the transmission level control.
The 2400 mixer always keeps 100% modulation in the 5 microphones, avoiding saturate the digital audio streaming or the cellphone

2 - Six stereo channels transmission mixer
manages mono and stereo audio

3- Separate mixer four channels manages audio return from studio. Mono output or stereo with distribution amplifier
for 6 headphones

4-Codec with output for direct Internet connection.
Encode TCP/IP audio streaming in MP3 that can be received in any studio computer.
Its internal CPU enables 3G/4G modem
& digital wireless cellphone connection
with Bluetooth
1 KHz Generator at + 4 dBu, for level reference
Internal Talkback MIC



Front Keypads allows activate functions
required for each transmission mode




MX2400 allows linking the
studio in many ways
It does not require a special decoder at studio
because any PC receives the transmission

connected via phone line from internal Hybrid. Includes DTMF dialer and talkback microphone
2-connected via cellphone. It does not needs wires because it has a digital Bluetooth link, up to 10 meters.

The digital output TCP/IP has connectivity with any PC with Internet at the studio

The digital USB in/out allows for connection to Netbook or Tablet
4-The console can be connected wirelessly to Internet using a 3G/4G modem. Since it works standalone MX2400 do not need any external PC. The mixer can use WiFi connection too

The MX2400 do not need to be tied to a cellphone

Communicating through a cell phone is done wirelessly using a digital microwave link

A Bluetooth connection inside the console allows up to 10 meters away from mobile.
Thus, in circumstances of low signal the cell can be placed next to a window while the mixer is remotely used

The wireless communications can be done simultaneously with the digital connection TCP/IP at Internet. Thus, there is always a second channel, which can be connected to air in emergency.

The cellphone also provides return from Studio in case of interviews




The MX2400 do not need to use a laptop because
it has internal computer

You can transmit to the radio studio through
the Internet cellular network with modem 3G / 4G
or using a WiFi connection


The MX2400 can be configured to operate through a streaming server.
In that case the journalist only has to turn it on ...
and it is connected with studies!.  Without any technical complication

But it is also possible to connect directly with the Studies
without the relay server.. In that caseit it can be programmed
remotely by WiFi from a Laptop, tablet or even a smart phone.



Through VQR technology it is possible
improving the sound quality of
cellphone transmissions

Main advantage: no delay


It is possible to use the MX2400 in analog mode in order to have very low cost audio links using
low rates fares of corporative cellphones .
The use of internal audio processing and connection Bluetooth to cellphone, allows for a good audio
restoration at Studies with VQR technology.
The Bluetooth connection allows decoding at 16 bits into the MX2400 instead of 8 bits inside the cellular phone

Listen to audio demos (left menu) to be convinced.

Or click here to see more about VQR technology



The operation without cables, using a Bluetooth microwave link,
allows journalists to do total freedom interviews

With full duplex audio from studies and without delay


For the first time it is possible to work in full-duplex, with maintaining high-quality audio.
The journalist has complete autonomy. The communication takes advantage of the low fare
between two corporative cellphones.
The VQR system in Studio provides an excellent audio quality due to the restoration of bass and treble


But if the return delay is not important, you can choose
having a CD audio quality using 3G/4G Wireless Internet link

No other portable mixer at the world market offers all this technical features


MX2400 allows you to create radio studios
connected by cell phone inside a stadium because
it links two simultaneous cellphones

Often you need a mobile studio inside the Stadium to interview players or artists. This can be done using a portable Solidyne MX2100 mixer or even a single cell phone which is connected with the Remote Master study
The Main Remote studio at stadium receives signals wirelessly from a cell phone and connects it by Bluetooth with the MX2400 Mixer, that is able to handle a second cell phone to link with the radio studies. Although it is generally preferred to employ a 3G/4G modem to connect the Internet with studies
At the radio studies will be
received 5 microphones
from the Remote Master plus
3 microphones from
Remote Slave

This advanced system allows simplicity to solve complex situations, sometimes impossible
to solve with other providers.
The Master and Slave studio can talk between them. The same applies to the Master and Radio Studios


MX2400 allows for simultaneous sending
remote transmission
to many radio stations

Using a streaming host, down transmission is possible simultaneously to several radio stations around the world. Even hundreds of them.
This is very convenient between stations of the same network or in cases where sports transmission services are performed by freelance commentators