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MX 2400


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Technical Specifications MX 2400

A-Stereo Mixer Section


6 channel, 9 inputs;
5 Microphone balanced inputs; 3 are MIC / Line
XLR connectors for MICs and 1/4" jacks for balanced line
In stereo, MIC 1 & 3 are Left; MIC 2 & 4 Rigth; MIC 5 center
One Stereo line input 1/4" unbalanced jack, 50 Kohms

Digital USB input from Netbook / Tablet

Phantom Power
48 V phantom in all microphones with internal switching supply
Input level
Balanced Microphone: -22 to -75 dBu, MIC 1,2,3 & 4
MIC 5 (stereo center) ; -22 to -65 dBu

Balanced Line: -20 to + 20 dBu
Stereo Line; -10 to + 20 dBu
Audio output
Mono balanced audio output + 4 dBm / 600 ohms / XLR out
Stereo, unbalanced -10 dBu to 0 dBu / 10 Kohms / 1/4" jack
Digital Stereo stream, coded MP3, see below CODEC / RJ45

Digital output: USB output to Notebook / Tablet
Hybrid Outputs
2 outputs with internal Hybrid.
One for land phone line (POT) and one for cellular phone
Return to Studio output level: - 2 dBu over 2 Km artificial line
link out
Microwave digital link, Bluetooth, to connect a second cellular phone wireless up to 10 meters. This avoids problems associated to wired connections
Stereo Headset Mixer
6 stereo outputs for headsets; Z= 8 to 600 ohms
4 channel mixer and Distribution Amplifier included. It can work stereo or mono mode. Inputs are: Stereo Mixer Out, Studio return (Hybrid,Cellular or Tuner), Bluetooth and Digital stream

Frequency Response

MIC to mono out: 20 - 20.000 Hz +/- 0,5 dB
plus -3 dB @ 20 Hz anti pop filter
Stereo Line to Stereo Out: 20-20.000 Hz +/- 0,2 dB
Stereo Line to Digital at 64 Kbits/s: 30-15.000 Hz +/- 0,5 dB

THD Distortion

MIC to mono out: less than 0,1 %
Stereo Line to Stereo Out:
less than 0,04 %
Stereo Line to Digital stream at 64 Kbits/s:
less than 0,04 %

MIC to mono out: Signal/noise > 60 dBA at -40 dBu MIC input
Stereo Line to Stereo Out:
Dynamic range > 85 dBA
Stereo Line to Digital stream Dynamic range > 75 dBA
Stereo Crosstalk
Better than 65 dB at 1 KHz
Audio Compressor

Audio compressor for level control at the mono output and cellular phone. High audio quality stereo output is uncompressed
20 dB action with 2 LED indication; 5 & 15 dB
1 ms attack time and 200 ms recovery
Slope 20:1

Wireless links
1-USB output for 3G/4G modem
2-WiFi connection
Electronic Technology
Advanced rail to rail amplifiers with very low power consumption , for long battery duration. Modular Bluetooth, 48V phantom, One million operations potentiometers for full life duration.
Cellular connection
Cellular # 1wireless Bluetooth linked up to 15 meters
Cellular # 2 (backup unit) wired to RJ11 connector
Additional Features
Battery charge meter
Internal talkback MIC
Internal DTMF dialer
Audio generator at + 4 dBu reference level, 1.000 Hz +/- 10 %
Battery charger
The console includes a multivoltage 90 V to 240 V switching battery charger
During charge the console can work On Air
Full charge overnigth, 10 to 12 hours
Battery duration
Analog mixer use with Bluetooth: more than 20 hours
Stereo or mono Internet streaming with 3G/4G modem: 6 hours
Professional grade Nikel-Metal battery, 5,4 A at 4,8 V
Battery life: 1.000 charges guaranteed
and Weight
Dimensions: 70 mm x 200 mm (wide) and 265 mm depth
Weight: 1,8 Kg with battery


































B-Codec streaming section

Streaming connection
Standard RJ45 Ethernet connection TCP/IP
Standards supported
• MP3 Layer 1 (32, 44.1 and 48 kHz)
• MP3 Layer 2 (16, 22.05 and 24 kHz)

• G.711 (µLaw / aLaw 8 and 24 kHz sampling rate)
• 16bit PCM uncompressed (8 and 24 kHz)

• IP standard based protocols; TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, ICMP, SNMP
• Supports BootP, DHCP and Auto IP
. It supports RTP for low latency

Studio link
Using a streaming host (Solidyne provides one temporal to test the MX 2400), the Journalist only needs to connect the codec to Internet to start the digital transmission
Latency (time delay)
MB2400 has a latency of only 50 mS
The full loop including Internet and receiver software in a direct conection is between 0,5 sec to 1,5 sec
Using an iceCast host streaming server this value usually
raise to 1 - 5 sec
Voice IP identification
When MX2400 is connected to a LAN network for codec programming, a voice response in English can be heard at headphones in order to get the IP address of LAN















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