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   Installation of AR200 system

AR 200 in LAN network. Listen the record quality

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Digital Recorder for telephone calls and ambience microphones

Solidyne AR-200 line


AR200 is the reliable and economic solution for the security of your telephone communications. You can use Central or Distributed systems, as you prefer. In distributed systems, each call is recorded at the local PC (although it is used for other office tasks or Internet). The recordings are MP3 compressed audio files. The recording starts when beginning the communication. Each call is a different file that later can be found by Date, by Time, by Phone number, etc.
A standard Hard Disc of 160 GB allows recording more than 40,000 hours of continuous recording.

You can record too hidden microphones, creating zones of security in where all the conversations will be recorded (as the black box of the airplanes). This way, in important installations like Power Stations, Industrial Plants or sensible areas of your company, is feasible to record the conversations and control the quality of the service to the clients, loss of information, etc.

System AR 202 has a software that runs on your PC at the same time that the software you are using everyday. It allows recording 2 telephone communications at each PC, and quick installation with no need to open the PC. It has a cable connected to LIN Input of the soundcard of your PC, turning it in a MP3 recorder with Caller ID and dialed phone numbers detection.
The AR202 technollogy avoids the expensive installation of audio cables because you use the existing Ethernet LAN to carry audio in digital format.

The other end of the cable has a special interface which includes a isolation transformer and audio limiter to match the voice levels of local and remote talkers.

Using the USB-80 external dock, the user can install 4 to 32 channels without opening the PC, using the standard USB bus.

In models from 4 lines and up, the inputs are located in a dock with RJ11 connectors. The wiring is internal to the PC, not being left cables at sight.

USB 80 front side. Several units can be connected
to the same PC

USB 80 rear side


Central Loggers PCR 200
8 to 32 channels

Using Solidyne Industrial Computer PCR 200
It includes standard the MP3 encrypt technology
for full legal validity


PCR 200 systems has Remote Control from any point of the LAN

The cabinet is 178 mm high and needs 550m deph racks





Some models have a door with a key to be opened for test and control.

The connection dock uses RJ11 units at the front, in order to easily check all the system

The RJ11 inputs allows connecting remote microphones


Model PCR/V It includes a flat screen 7 inches, LCD color video monitor
Keyboard and mouse are separate units that can be connected only for service.
Video display allows for permanent monitoring of Alarms Panel, in order to control
the correct operation of all the tracks



PCR208 logger, 8 channels, in rack cabinet 133 mm height, dark grey color


24 channel model, PCR224/V with flat screen display showing Alarm Panel
178mm height + 44mm module for USB docks. Dark grey cabinet

Rear view of PCR224 model; USB80 docks are mounted
in a separate unit attached to the 19 inches rack frame.