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Technical specifications
AR 200
Telephone logger


Capacity From 2 to 600 channels
Soundcard Standard PC soundcard for systems of 2 and 4 channels.
USB 80 Solidyne USB to RJ11 dock for systems with 8 or more channels.
Recording tracks per PC 2 to 4 channels in a standard Pentium-4 PC
8 to 32 channels in Solidyne industrial PC’s for rack mounting.

Telephone adapter with transformer balanced input for 2 and 4 channels
USB 80 connection dock for systems of 8 tracks or more.
Recording level from -30 to 0 dBm, automatically adjusted.

Audio compressor AUDIO LIMITER to record from -30 to 0 dBm
H-100 is an optional Interface to take the sound from handset in case of digital lines
Frequency response Audio quality recording: 20 - 15.000 Hz a 128 kbits
Telephone recording using USB 80 connection dock: 300 - 3.400 Hz
Noise: Audio quality recording: better than 80 dBA, ref 0 dBm
Telephone recording using USB 80 connection dock:
better than 60 dBA, ref -10 dBm
Data compression MP3 codified from 8 kbits/sec to 128 kbits/sec; and Lineal PCM (WAV) at 32, 44.1 & 48 KHz
Phone Number identification AR200 software can detect the DTMF dialed numbers (out coming calls). CallerID for incoming calls, according to the standard ETS300 659-1 (modem FSK) and simultaneously DTMF stream
Encrypting to get legal validity Optional Software for real time encrypting. The level of security uses Military Codes with passwords with up to 32 characters and 10 access levels. This way the recordings can be listened only by authorized personnel. On playing, File Manager decodes the files in real time. All encrypted files are no editable granting Legal Validity to the recordings.
Telephone signal input It does not require to pay/ rent nor accessory to the provider of the PBX , because the signal to record is directly taken from the connector of the phone line or from the handset, by means of the adapter Solidyne H-100
Memory needed 7,2 MB / hour at 16 kbits/sec
One HD of 160 GB allows to record 22.000 hours
3,6 MB / hour at 8 kbits/sec
One HD of 160 GB allows to record 44.000 hours
Automatic maintenance The software AR200 has a module that can be programmed to delete old recordings, after NN months. This way the available space in your HD is optimized, to record new calls.
Remote operation from Internet A Control Panel allows to configure and control the Autorec remotely, trough the LAN or Internet. This way you can control all the recording computers with no need to access physically to them. For confidentiality reasons, the supervisor will not be able to listen to the recordings.
Auditory via INTERNET The AR200 allows the audio files to be listened in remote form, from any place of the world. You only will need a File Manager license that allows you to listen encrypted files in any of the 10 levels of security.
Alarms Panel Optional Software allows to watch the state of the recording channels, in any workstation. If a channel has stopped to record for more than NN minutes (defined by the user) it gives the alarm so that the supervisor verifies the problem.
REC start method a) By sound (AutoStart), b) By Calling Ring, c) By time, by a star/stop schedule d) Manual; from the main screen





The AR200 software and the USB 80 connections docks, are guarantied by a period of 3 years with free updates downloaded from Internet.

Computers provided by Solidyne have one year warranty

Technical support: By mail at / 7 days of week.
By telephone (54 11) 4702 0090 in office schedule. The support is offered to the technical staff of the user company.