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Summary of some Solidyne's contributions to Broadcast Engineering




World first bar graph VU-meter display, today is used worldwide as the standard in audio metering. (see more info at the left menu)



Photo-resistive optical rotary faders



Audio compressors with FETs. Solidyne was a pioneer in variable gain systems using FETs since our 1969 paper. During 20 years this was the dominant technology in this field.


We described for the first time, and published (AES Journal, USA) the technology of peak asymmetry canceling, named Kahnn- Bonello, today used by Orban, Omnia, Aphex, AEV, and most audio processors manufacturers.


We created audio automation using open reel recorders with computer control of mechanic transport and audio parameters, setting a new landmark in performance (AES Journal,USA).


We created the technology, now named: "Bonello Criterion", for acoustic design of Radio Studios. Today it is used by the acoustic designers all over the world. And it appears in text books of Acoustics of USA and Europe  (AES Journal,USA)


development of ECAM, the world first standard for audio bit compression (precursory of all the following technologies, including MP3)
Due this invention Mr Bonello was awarded, years later with the Fellowship Award of the AES, New York



we created the world first PC soundcard with professional sound quality and bit compression


we created the world first software for PC Radio Automation. This was a milestone at the Radio world. Today all the radio stations around the world are using some kind of software automation, based on this invention. We decided not to apply for a Patent, in order to keep this invention available for all the people. We presented this invention at the NAB 1990 world radio trade fair in USA. See details below


We introduce the Artificial Intelligence software for radio automation, Audicom, that is still today the only A.I. software at the market.


We create the VA16 Digital FM Modulation Monitor. It is the world only FM Monitor that is able to measure the Audio Quality of the station (Frequency response, Distortion, signal/noise, etc) using the on-air signal, and without the need to stop the normal programming.


We created and patented the only audio fader without moving electrical contacts, using Electrostatic technology. Named ESF, this unit gives the user 25 years of duration without maintenance.


We created the word only system for restoring the original audio quality of an audio transmission over a telephone line or cellular (VQR technology). It restores the bass and treble frequencies lost during transmission


As result of 35 years of research, we published at AES Journal, New York, March 2007, the first scientific justification of the theory of the FM audio processing. Including a mathematical demonstration of the increase of the coverage area obtained in the FM stereo transmission.
The same year, Prof Oscar Bonello, Solidyne founder, was awarded by the Audio Engineering Society, New York, USA with the Fellowship Award for outstanding contributions to Audio & Acoustics Engineering


We introduced the first software for controlling with full sync a complete radio network of several radio stations in different locations. This Artificial Intelligence based technology, named Audicom Multicast, uses Metadata information for controlling it using Internet streaming


Solidyne created the new Audicom AVRA with Audio & Video. A true TV channel at very low cost on-line worlwide at Internet. We are the first company at the world with this product. This will be the new way of Broadcastng transmissions of FM & AM  radio over the world. Presentad at NAB 2014, Las Vegas, IBC 2014, Amsterdam, CAPER 2014, Buenos Aires, AMITRA 2014 México, etc



Solidyne: a brief overview



Solidyne was founded in 1968 by Oscar Bonello, its CEO. Mr Bonello is an Argentine researcher and professor at the University of Buenos Aires.
Solidyne has now a team of 50 people working in our company. The secret of the Solidyne's success at the radio market and professional audio field, is very simple: Our obsession by Research and permanent Innovation.

Throughout these years, Solidyne has made more than 10.000 broadcast audio consoles, that add an accumulated on-air time greater than 30.000 years. No other world manufacturer can offer a so convincing guarantee of reliability !
Solidyne is now the world oldest manufacturer of broacasting consoles

Also, Solidyne has manufactured and installed the biggest audio system in Latin America: The satellite broadcasting network used for transmitting the FIFA World Cup in 1978.

Solidyne had manufactured open reel magnetic tape recorders, using dynamic bias and self-aligned by computer, PBX telephonic centrals and user telephones, communications between energy networks, Communications centers for the Argentina Air Force, Army, Gendarmerie, etc
From 1980 we are working in the field of the 24 hours Voice Loggers, and we were one of the few international companies manufacturing multi-channel magnetic tape recorders (Medical Emergencies, Electrical Companies, Ambulances, etc).

From 2004 up to the present, we manufacture AR-200 Digital Voice Loggers with state of the art technology: digital encrypted recording on Hard Disk; another one of the inventions of Solidyne. This small size 16, 24 & 32 channels recorders have open architecture, high reliability and low cost


In the field of Audio Processing we are the company with more experience of the world. Solidyne's papers published from 1970 can be found in the bibliography of this field.
We started the era of the Psychoacoustic Processing in Broadcasting with the publication of an original paper, at AES Journal, June 76, New York.


Solidyne was the first world company that creates a digital audio system based on PC, for radio automation.
See below a history of this innovation, the most important radio innovation of the second half of XX Century.

Due to this invention, in 1992 Solidyne was awarded with the First National Prize to the Technological Innovation. The Audicom system has been sold in 45 countries. Today this technology is used in radio stations of more than 120 countries.



Since 1970 we contributed in technical and scientific exhibitions.
Solidyne has published more than 150 papers in several international magazines.
We have 12 Patents of Invention. We have received numerous prizes by our scientific and industrial work.

In the scientific field, our theories are today included in text books of Audio and Acoustic used in many Universities of the world. We mentioned, for example, the "Handbook for Sound Engineers", Glenn Ballou (Howard Sams); "Acoustics" of Alton Everest (McGraw-Hill), etc





The invention of the PC
Radio Automation


Old PC audio card
manufactured by
Solidyne in 1990



The PC soon becomes
a familiar device
in radio studios


Modern 12 channels
PC card with internal DSP


In 1983 a new idea was born in Solidyne; to replace the open reel tape recorders and cartridge player, by a new technology based on Hard Disk storage, using as working platform an IBM PC computer that had arrived at the market the previous year

The idea was considered by many engineers like impossible, because the sound cards had still not been invented... and the capacity of storage in HD was smaller than 30 MB. On the other hand, nobody thought about that time in using a computer within a Radio study (an engineer from USA said to us: "computers and consoles are like the water and oil; they never will be mixed! "

But at this point a notable synergy takes place that allowed Solidyne to be the first world company to perform this invention. The fact is that for that date Prof Bonello was teaching Electro Acoustics at the University, and the Psychoacoustic was his main field of interest. The Bonellos's idea was to use the human ear Masking effect, to reduce the amount of bytes necessary to codify an audio signal. This was the first application of Masking to digital audio.
This idea was very new and so strong that today all the forthcoming compression standards in the world (MP3 included) use the same principle we developed 20 years ago !

During 5 years of research & development of the compression technology, the ECAM was created. After that, Solidyne created sound cards for PC (nobody manufactured audio cards at that moment), and the software that supported the new technology. In 1988 the new system was presented in South America at the Communication Secretary, in Argentina. In 1990 at the NAB world exhibition in Atlanta, USA, it was presented to the rest of the world. Solidyne was the only company, at NAB 90, that offered a PC automation system.

In that opportunity, when seeing the Audicom, the president of the NAB said: this is not a simple advance; it is the re-invention of the Radio... and he was right !. Solidyne, yet today, was the only company in the world that faced the simultaneous solution of the 3 key technologies that gave access to audio in PC:

1) The compression algorithm
2) The audio interface (Sound card)
3) The application software.

In 1992 by this invention we were awarded with the First National Prize to the Technological Innovation

Although in 1990 many engineers of radio insisted that: never a computer within a radio study would be accepted, the experience demonstrates that they were mistaken...

Today the PC is so indispensable in a Radio Station as before were the open reel recorders or the cartridge player (we have pushed both towards the Museum…). The invention of Solidyne, today has crossed the world, sometimes in our own version, the Audicom, or by other software developers.

Solidyne never apply for invention patents of this device, because we wished that all the radio stations of the world can freely use the benefits of the Audio & Computer technologies.

Fortunately, this dream has come true


Some Awards

1973 - Honor Award for Industrial Design, CIDI, Argentina
1978 - Mr Bonello becomes a Senior Member IEEE, USA and Member
             of the New York Academy of Science, USA
1992 - First National Prize for Innovation (Audicom technology),
            Banco Frances, Argentina
1997 - Special Award to the technological Innovation, Banco Frances, Argentina
2000 - Fundación BACH, Argentina. Nomination as outstanding Audio Engineer.

2005- Buenos Aires City Government, Award for the creation
           of RadioImagen .technology
2007- Fellowship Award, Audio Engineering Society, New York, USA (

2009 - First Prize to the Technological Innovation in Broadcasting, granted
            by the Consejo Profesional de Ingeniería, Argentina



Some Invention Patents

PATENT 184.619 Photorresistive fader
PATENT 198.911 Audio Matrix
PATENT 215.101 Autoset Hybrid
PATENT 217.193 Virtual flux input transformer
PATENT 218.707 High performance magnetic recording system
PATENT 236.414 TDM tech for Audio conmutation
PATENT 237.296 New system of UPS distributed power
PATENT 237.301 A.I. Phone Agenda
PATENT PEN 030101875 Contactless ESF fader