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DX816 12 channels digital On-Air console with AoIP option


With Solidyne the future is now ...

Low budget audio mixer for On-Air studio

2 digital stereo USB inputs

2 digital stereo USB outputs (PGM & REC)

4 analog stereo Line inputs; Bal / Unbal selectable at front panel

8 AoIP optional channels (Ethernet LAN)

Professional illuminated push-buttons

Four bands microphones equalizer. In-Out selectable

Audio Compressor for getting the same audio level from five MIC's

Mini-PBX at TELCO Module, for attention of 3 phone lines

3 telephone hybrid; one cellphone with Bluetooth 4.0 (digital link for high audio quality )

8 Conductive Ceramic soft touch attenuators of professional quality for 15 years life

4 x PGM & REC VU meters. One VU meter for compressor level . USB active channels display

12 channels: 5 MIC's, 2 digital line, 2 analog line, 3 phone hybrid

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The DX816 console marks a milestone at global technology for new radio studios with limited budgets. This new model advantageously replaces the previous model D816 sold in 65 countries.

It is the more economical digital console for the master control room of a radio station. It offers digital and analog inputs & outs, covering all the needs of a modern radio in on-air studio, Newsroom or Production.
Faders are conductive ceramic of 15 years duration with ETM-VCA control that prevents the audio pass through movable contacts.

It also has 3 telephone conference hybrids with illuminated push-buttons. One of them operates cellular phones via Bluetooth, without cables.

The console has independent stereo outputs for program and recordings
In this way you can do two tasks at the same time .
The monitor panel manages four stereo channels plus CUE


The console has a four bands equalizer for microphones. .
It can be used at PGM or REC. Is specially designed for the human voice. Your announcers will have the very special sound quality of the high price consoles , which will delight your audience


Four Bands human voice equalizer curves


Five dynamic microphones are handled for three faders.
It also can operate 3 condenser MICs with 48V phantom
The console offers GPIO outputs for MIC and Line


A Master MIC button on the panel sends On-Air all the five microphones
A Tally light that can be seen from all directions is used for the announcers in the console


The control turret indicates the number of digital channels used,
that may reach 8 channels using two USB connected

The audio compressor action is shown at the small VU meter.
It works for levelling the sound of the five microphones
The audio compressor allows to DX816 ensuring that all the
announcers will sound at the same level, no matter if they
have strong or weak voices.


Solidyne is the only company offering
new attenuators technology: Conductive
Ceramic for 15 year duration.

Are easily recognized by their
smoothness; it can be moved using a feather.


The DX816 attenuators have a very different construction that the conventional faders,
It glides smoothly over two cylindrical steel-silver bars with teflon bushings
The ETM-VCA technology of Solidyne allows that the audio signal never crosses a mobile contact
Each batch of faders are factory tested for a life of 10 millon of operations (more than 20 years of use)

Please click here to see one VIDEO about Conductive Ceramic faders


The console has USB digital connections that are combined with a
Mini Central of phone attention with 3-phone lines using Bluetooth


The two USB inputs of the DX816 allow direct connection to a PC or two computers, without using audio cards
with high sound quality for use with your playout software and Internet communications. .
It can shoot their ads or sound effects by simply opening the fader. Handles two stereo input channels and two outputs
It also allows direct digital connection using Skype and other free programs to talk in conference with all the world without any cost

Press the button VOX-IP
to enter Skype conference
Another exclusivity Solidyne

Click to view video # 2 showing how to do Skype interviews



An advanced Monitor Panel of five channels allows independent management of four stereo speakers & headphones for
Studio and Control Room.
The console includes a Mini Central of phone attention with 3-phone
lines (one is cellphone using using Bluetooth)
The operator or DJ can handle without any help the Incoming calls that produce the blue flashing of button. Pressing it turns red and the call is attended in free hands mode.
When the operator raises the fader, the phone call goes On-Air
All is automatic !
The hybrid works in both PGM or in Recording channel


The console incorporates three
phone hybrids operated with
illuminated keypads
Incoming calls are flashing in blue
and turns red when are in hold mode

The cell phone line uses
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection for
achieve excellent sound quality.
Because that Bluetooth is a DIGITAL
connection with the console


Do you know what is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless link that cellphone have
It is an international standard that replaces the annoying cables and connectors that were previously used.
It has a range of 10 meters. The audio quality is far superior to the wired connection because the Bluetooth link is fully digital and eliminates the distortion due to internal analog audio converters

Solidyne pioneered the use of Bluetooth technology in our consoles



Advantages of working with Bluetooth

The DX816 console gives to your radio this remarkable possibility, not found in other brands

This provides significant operational advantages for journalism because it is possible to connect the console in seconds with
the private cellphone of your star Journalist. This allows doing an interview with people whose telephone numbers are
confidential, and the journalist of course do not want to reveal

We can imagine a lawyer who contacts your client or a Show Business Representative that wished to make an interview to one of
his stars . Or multiple situations where we can obtain an exclusive communication.
If we add the fact that these exclusive phones of the show business stars or politicians are only attended
when they are called from a known phone number, then we can realize about the remarkable power of the DX816 technology


Very simple connection and a wide range of optional accessories

The DX816 console has standard connectors and also incorporates the new standard of RJ45 cables
The use of this advanced connection system with shielded RJ45 cables, is compatible with StudioHub cables and simplifies
the connection between Solidyne products and other modern brands

Click here for more
information on this
new cabling technology


HD3 Box
3 outputs for handsets with double channel + Tally + Studio speaker
level + Intercom with operator
You can connect up to 3 x HD3 to the console
It Includes RJ45 cable 5 meters

HD5-Studio Box
5 outputs for handsets with double channel + Tally + Studio
speaker level + Intercom with operator +
Clock + Timer of open microphones
You can connect up to 2 x HD5 to the console
It Includes RJ45 cable 5 meters


The entire front panel is coated in plastic laminate
printed on the reverse side in 3 shades of gray
It is impossible to wear him down even after many years of use

The exclusive very flat profile allows
place it on a table without cutting it.
Its low profile allows an easy operation without tiring the operator.


DX816 models using AoIP option

The AoIP option allows to send directly the audio signal and commands to the transmitter plant.
With digital CD audio quality, using standard Internet connection.
You can send too the RDS from the PC and even the type of music being played is also sent to the audio processor because
advanced models can change the processor settings according to each musical tune.
Even better; the console will send by Internet the "MIC On-Air" signal which changes FM processor to a special program to enhance the human voice

Your radio will always sound better than the competition.

You must say goodbye to the old STL conventional technology
If your processor does not have the AoIP input, you can use the decoder Solidyne ADA102
If your transmitter plant do not have Internet, use a 5.8 GHz Internet link to solve the problem


It will also be possible to interface your studios with CD audio quality by AoIP technology
At the same building or different buildings



Modular electronic for easy maintenance

All electronics parts, buttons and controls are mounted on 6 plug-in modules that allow for fast replacement.
It is the great solution for studies that do not have maintenance technicians high-tech equipment.
It uses external power supply operating in 90-250VAC @ 50/60Hz



View of the rear panel fully connectorized for quick installation in a few minutes