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DX816 Digital


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Especificaciones Técnicas
Technical Specifications

DX816 Digital & Analog console


Audio Inputs

5 balanced MIC inputs (XLR)
...[Fader-1 = MIC1 // Fader-2 =MIC2+MIC4 // Fader-3=MIC3+MIC5]

2 balanced stereo Line inputs (RJ45)
2 unbalanced stereo Line inputs (RCA)
1 unbalanced stereo Tuner input (On Air Monitor) (TRS)
2 Digital stereo Line inputs (USB)

Level & Impedance

Balanced MIC= -10 dBu/-75 dBu; 150/250 Ohms
Balanced LINE = -20 dBu/+26 dBu; 600~ 10Kohms
Unbalanced LINE = -15 dBu/+12 dBu; 600~ 10Kohms
Digital: -12 dB FS to -18 dB FS

Phantom Power

3 x condenser MIC inputs with 48 V internal phantom power supply
Switchable ON / OFF

Analog Outputs

2 bus stereo outputs; PGM & REC, balanced + 4 dBm
Max Level +28dBu (10K), +20dBm (600 ohms) RJ45 connector
2 bus unbal stereo outs (PGM & REC) at 0 dBu, TRS connector
2 x stereo AoIP Outs (only in AoIP option) (RJ45)

Digital Input / Output Level
It uses the K-12 recommendation for broadcating;
Then, 0 VU is at -12 dB Full Scale level

Tally Light Out

ON-AIR signal output (turns on when MIC is open)
12 V CC @ 0,15 amp (two Solidyne On-Air Tally light)
Overload protected with automatic recovery

Monitor & Hybrid

1 Stereo Studio, 0 dBu for active speakers, muted (RJ45)
1 Stereo Control, 0 dBu for active speakers, muted (Mini-jack)
1 Stereo Studio Headphones, with Distribution AMP up to
...8 headphones, + 10 dBu out (RJ45)
1 Stereo Control Headphones, + 10 dBu Out (Mini-Jack)
1 External Hybrid send (MIX-Minus) +4 dBu / 10K

CUE Monitor

CUE Monitor Amplifier mono added at L & R channels of monitor output. Level controlled at front panel


24 dB @ LIN to PGM Ref + 4dBu/10 k

(start external devices)

From MIC-1, MIC-2, MIC-3 faders
From Line 6 & 7
Open collector: max +24V @ 0,1 A

Frequency response

20-20.000 Hz +/- 0.5 dB (LIN to PGM)

MIC Equalizer
Four Bands MIC EQ with In/Out switch; 80 Hz top flat curve, 160 Hz bell shaped, 6,3 kHz bell shaped, 10 kHz top flat
Action + 15 dB / -15 dB

MIC Compressor
Low distortion MIC compressor It automatically works over 0 VU level. 20 dB max compression. Attack time < 10 ms.
Compression ratio: < 2 dB variation for 15 dB change MIC level


MIC input, EIN=-120 dBu/150 ohms
LINE input, S/N > 75 dBA

Dynamic Range

From Line to PGM > 90 dBA (CD quality)


PGM-REC > 70 dBA @ 1 kHz


From LINE to PGM out < 0.03 % THD @30-15.000 Hz.


From Line to PGM, < 3º L&R @50-10.000 Hz

Stereo Tracking

Below 0.2 dB error L/R in fader range 0 to 40 dB


Telephone Hybrid Specs

3 line active Hybrid (2 land lines + Cellular Phone with Bluetooth 4.0 high quality 16 kHz sampling)
It includes a mini-PBX with blue LED silent ringer, Line attention with free hands operation (red Led) , and Line Transfer
Frequency Response: 300 - 3.400 Hz
Noise: > 60 dBA S/N
Rejection: > 40 dB rejection
Rejection adjust in front panel preset
Preference atenuator: 12 dB local speaker interrupt priority
Automatic On-Air logic: Audio & Logic are managed from a single 100mm slide fader that performs all the operations in error-free mode:
** CUE (fader closed) with private hands free Talk
** Hold with Air return to the caller
** Live: On Air Level control

Telephone input lightning discharge safety
Telephone Hybrid inputs are transformer floating to meet the Public Telephone service isolation standards of 2.000 volts pulse. They are protected with SIOV Varistors against soft lightning discharges.

Talkback Microphone

Included Talkback MIC, with Audio Limiter. Noise Cancelled PZM type. Outputs to Phone Line Hybrid or Studio Speakers & Headphones.


4 electronic VU-meters por PGM & REC. Cuasi peak reading
Microphone compressor indicator 0 - 15 dB


External switching power supply 90-240 V @ 50 / 60 Hz
Power = 30 W [28V@0,9A]

Dimensions & Weight

550 (W) x 350 (D) x 130 mm
Shipment box: 600 x 500 x 180 mm
Shipment weight: 8 Kg