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D612 Digital


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Technical features

Simple and quick installation

The optional cable assembly 
allows you to install in half an hour 
the full Radio Study
The optional Studio Box can handle 
5 handsets with individual, Timer / Clock
and reverse Talkback
The D612 due to its low profile do not require cutting your desk

Soft touch faders of Conductive Ceramic technology  that lasts 20 years



Unlike other consoles, the D612 uses ETM-VCA: indirect control on all audio channels. The faders do not handle audio; It only control a DC current which in turn commands a variable gain stereo amplifier. The use of conductive ceramic faders, along with this technology, allow their attenuators will last more than 15 years of use and totally eliminates noise

Click here to see a video about our professional attenuators



The D612 handles four dynamic
 or two  
condenser  48V phantom

The MIC inputs have dual preamplifiers designed to handle
four microphones using two faders. 
This is possible due to the internal audio compressor
is used in D612 as sound leveling.
  The voice quality of the announcers will be excellent in
your radio because the D612 has a 4-band EQ specifically
designed for the human voice. A very good audio compressor
is used to match the the announcers voice levels while
maintaining the natural sound 
A Master MIC button triggers 
4 mics 
at the same time 

When microphones are active a red light is switched on

External tally lights can be used at the same time




Digital USB in/out

Eliminates expensive professional audio cards

The D 612 connects to any PC that uses automation software or Skype to communicate 
anywhere in the world. You can make journalism with digital quality sound. 
Eliminating audio cards allows you to use the modern and small Mini- PC

The USB connection is processed within the 
console D612. Its connection is indicated in 
the front panel


Summary of technical features


  • 8 channels,  with 5 faders with connectors (used to change it without soldering)
  • 12 stereo inputs; 
    4 balanced MIC 
    2 LIN balanced (DIN 5), 
    3 LIN unbalanced (RCA), 
    1 digital input USB, 
    2 Hybrid telephone (RJ11 & Bluetooth), 
    1 Monitor Air (Jack 6.35 mm)
  • 4 outputs stereo; 
    a) Digital: A digital stereo USB output, selectable PGM or REC 
    b) Analog: Program (PGM) balanced & Recordings (REC) unbalanced External Hybrid (In / Out).
  • 5 Monitor Stereo Outputs, with muting logic; Speakers Studio, Studio Headphones (with Distributor Amplifier), 
    Control Speakers, Headphones Control, CUE mono (with amplifier and internal speaker). 
  • 4 Band EQ Mic
  • Microphone Audio Compressor
  • Low Silhouette, flush mounting on any table without cutting it
  • Hybrid with Bluetooth wireless cellphone
  • Professional Attenuators 100mm Conductive Ceramic 15-year life
  • Option AoIP to transmit digital audio over Ethernet / Internet
  • External switching power supply:  90-240 V / / 50 / 60 Hz    Output: 28 V   0,55 A

D612 rear panel