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D612 Digital


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D 612 On Air Digital & Analog audio console

Enter to the world of AoIP connectivity
D612: high tech at a price that your radio can afford





The D612 is a revolutionary product that only a highly innovative company as Solidyne can offer at a price so low 

Handles 4 microphones, one line input USB digital, 2 balanced line inputs and 2 telephone hybrids, one line and one cellphone, that can operate in conference. 
It has 2 analog stereo outputs (PGM and REC) and a USB digital output. A complete monitoring system with separate outputs for speakers and headphones of Study and Control, that includes logic output muting and tally ligth

The D612 connects a wireless cellphone with Bluetooth link. Any cellphone is connected in seconds and can be used up to ten meters


The microphones have excellent 4-band equalizer designed for the human voice. The announcers of the radio will have a new shine that will distinguish your radio from competition. Besides offering audio compression to get the same levels in all voices. 
The USB digital input / output of the D612 will eliminate the PC audio cards and the noise and distortion often associated with their connection. 
The D612 offers AoIP option (models /AoIP) that allows the console connection via Ethernet LAN with one or more studios without the need for shielded cables or holes in the walls. It also allows connecting trough Internet with the FM transmitter plant 
The D612 has professional 100mm faders, of conductive ceramic technology, with 15-year duration and has a generous 5-year warranty 

4 MIC inputs, 2 stereo line, 1 digital stereo USB, 1 Dual Hybrid = 8 channels

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You can install in half an hour a complete study because the
D816 has everything you need, including telephone hybrids 
Its low silhouette type control surface avoids the need to cut  
the table



Managing 4 microphone, a PC, 2 balanced lines and 
two telephone hybrids, the D612 can work on studies 
that otherwise would need consoles of high price


Connection between studies in model D612/AoIP 

Using the model D612/AoIP you do not have even need to add new cables to link the studies because the fact that the output of the 
console will be sent as digital streaming to the same Ethernet LAN that links all your PCs.
Signal can be send to studios where it will be received on a PC or via an ADA102. 
The delay is less than 10 milliseconds and the audio quality is 100% Digital

The Ethernet input of the D612/AoIP model
connects directly to the LAN 
like a PC.

D 612 features advanced internal phone hybrids 


The communication with the audience is now the essence
of modern radio. 
The D 612 can handle calls from audience
and talk privately with the caller. 
Handles telephone and cellular communications and can perform
simultaneous conferences.

Also can do long distance calls, by Internet using Skype. 

No other console on the market offers these features!


D 612 lets you using a telephone set next to the console. But if you do not use it, is also possible to answer incoming calls by pressing a button at console

The cellphone is connected by Bluetooth wirelessly. This  achieves higher sound quality. 

The Bluetooth connection avoids cables and allows that the cellphone will be located several meters away from the console in a place that has better signal reception. 
Any cellphone is connected in seconds to the D612!


Advantages of working with Bluetooth

The D612 console is the first at the international market to offer the remarkable possibility of having cellphone Hybrids with Bluetooth link
This provides significant operational advantages for journalism because it is possible to connect the console in seconds with the journalist  private cellphone. This allows doing an interview with people whose telephone numbers are confidential, and the journalist of course do not want to reveal 

We can imagine a lawyer who contacts your client or a Star Representative  that wished to make an interview to one of 
his show business stars . Or multiple situations where we can obtain an exclusive communication.
If we add the fact that these exclusive phones of the show business stars are only attended when they are called from a known
telephone, then we can realize the remarkable power of D612 technology

Do you know what is Bluetooth? 

Bluetooth is a wireless link that modern phones have in order to be linked with "hands-free" accessories. Bluetooth is an international standard that replaces the annoying cables and connectors that were previously employed.
 It has a range of 10 meters. The audio quality is far superior to the wired connection because the Bluetooth link is DIGITAL and eliminates the distortion of the cellphone internal codecs. 

Solidyne was pioneer at the Bluetooth technology link in their portable consoles and telephone hybrids . Select from your cell phone the Solidyne equipment you want to connect and you will manage your calls without touching the phone.