542 APC Procesadore Universal | Especificaciones técnicas

Especificaciones Técnicas
Technical Specifications

Universal Audio Processor 542 APC

Haga click aqui para ver un artículo técnico teórico (paper) en castellano acerca de la Teoría de los modernos procesadores de audio y su relación
con el aumento del alcance de una emisora de FM Estéreo.

NOTA:Este trabajo es una traducción del original publicado en inglés en el Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Ing Oscar Bonello, AES Fellow, March 2007 ( se obtiene en www.aes.org)


Measured from balanced XLR inputs to XLR outputs
And from digital AES-3 input to AES-3 output


1-XLR3 conector, 600 ohms balanced, Nominal level + 4 dBu. Max level + 24 dBu, Software adjusted
2-RJ45 stereo balanced (compatible with StudioHUB) Nominal level -10 dBu to + 24 dBu, 600 ohms balanced
3- Digital AES/ EBU input transformer balanced ) Nominal level -18 dBFS Adjust from -24 to 0 dBFS
4-Optional digital stereo AoIP option for LAN Ethernet or Internet input

RF Input: Digital Receiver for use as FM Monitor and Audio Analyzer

VOICE/ MUSIC change: GPI Input = + 5V … +15V for VOICE mode preset (On-Air microphones)
Voice/Music switch received from console in AoIP models
Switching between all Music Style Program settings using RDS data from studio.


1-Analog Balanced, XLR connector+ 4 dBu; Z= 600, Max + 18 dBu, Flat frequency response
2- Analog unbalanced RJ45 output (compatible with StudioHUB), + 4 dBu / 600 ohms
3- Digital AES/ EBU, transformer balanced ) 0 VU at -12 dBFS
4 & 5 – MPX-1 & MPX-2 for FM transmitters (Normal & Emergency) 0 – 5,5 Vpp
Independent level software controlled, Z = 50 ohms
Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms
Allows 45 dB canceling buzz & noise due to ground loops
Protected for electrical storms 2 KV overload

Optional AoIP processed digital output in /AoIP models. It allows for direct audio streaming or for
AoIP connection between different studios at the Radio / TV station.

IN/OUT Control

 Remote control by software of the Input – Output matrix
Remote control by software of the Input – Output matrixAutomatic programable transfer from one input
to another when audio fail is detected


ANALOG BAL = 20 – 16.000 Hz +/- 0,3 dB
AES to AES = 20 – 16.000 Hz +/- 0,3 dB
measured below compression & limiter threshold

Harmonic Distortion and DELAY

ANALOG BAL = Below 0,005 % @ 1 kHz
AES to AES = Below 0,002 %

Delay: 3 – 9 ms depending on preset used


AES to AES > 110 dBA


> 80 dBA

Subsonic Filter

Chebyshev 4th order, Selectable: OFF – 15 Hz – 20 Hz


5:1 cancelling reduction, using Khann-Bonello system


5 bands low level expander


One Wide-band AGC and 5 bands AGC (Leveller)


FIVE or more bands depending of software version used
Standard model of 5 bands includes: 5 x AGC (Levellers); 5 x Compressors; 5 x Limiters; 5 x Clippers
Linear Phase crossover
Full software control of all parameters
12 – 16 factory presets programs


Super BASS effect and Stereo Enhancer is standard in all software versiones
Linear limiters with predictive technology (Look Ahead) gives the audience a full clean sound


Full Parametric EQ with four bands . Each band with 2order passband filter with:
a) Level control; b) Frequency control; c) Q factor control (bandwidth)


Number of bands and stages, features, etc are dependent on software version used
It can work in FM, AM, HD, TV & Streaming modes
Standard 542APC works in Five bands FM mode 0-50-75 uS


115 V / 230 V (rear switch selected) 50/60 Hz, 20 W


19″ rack mount. Module one (44,4 mm) // weight 3 Kg Net; (4 Kg for courier freight)


MPX output

Two MPX outputs with individual remote level control by LAN or Internet
Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms. Allows 45 dB canceling
buzz & noise due to ground loops
Level of each output adjustable from 0 to 5,5 Vpp


20-15.000 +/- 0,2 dB,
plus 16 Khz/linear phase filter
Attenuation at 19 Khz > 80 dB


From 30-12.000 Hz, below 0,01 %
Measured using Belar Digital Stereo decoder DSD-1A and Spectrum Analyzer

Signal to Noise

Better than 85 dBA with reference to 100% modulation
Measured using Belar Digital Stereo decoder model DSD-1A


> 65 dB at 1 Khz

38 Khz suppression

Below – 80 dB Ref 100% modulation

57, 76 & 95 Khz

Below – 80 dB Ref 100% modulation

Pilot tone

+/- 0,002 % (+/- 0,5 Hz)


RDS/RBDS signal

Conforms to CENELEC EN50067 / EN 62106 /
Control interface based on ASCII commands and UECP protocol
Built-in weekly scheduling

RDS signal bandwidth

+/- 2.4 kHz (50 dBc)

Spurious suppression

>90 dB

Harmonics suppression

>80 dB

Clock reference

Pilot Tone

19 kHz pilot PLL lock bandwidth

+/- 2Hz

Data connector: Ethernet input

RJ45 connector for TCP/IP LAN Ethernet
Text features include dynamic PS, parsing, scrolling, fixed messages,
scheduling and reading from HTTP

Data Port Speed

2400 – 9600 bps

Supported services

PI Program Identification, M/S Music/Speech, PS Program Service, PIN Program-Item Number, PTY Program Type, ECC Extended Country Code, TP Traffic Program, RT Radiotext, AF Alternative Frequencies, TDC Transparent Data Channels TA Traffic Announcement, IH In House Applications, PTYN Program Type Name, ODA Open Data Applications, DI Decoder Identification, CT Clock-Time and Date, EON Enhanced Other Networks information